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Sailor Pluto's Links and Rings

Here a few Pluto Pages I found!

Sailor Pluto and Tigger Page

Pluto Shrine

Pluto Page

Setsuna7's Shrine to Pluto

Pluto Planet Power

Sailor Pluto's Sanctuary

Sailor Pluto

Meiou Setsuna/ Sailor Pluto Shrine

The Shrine of Pluto

Meiou Setsuna Shrine

Liz's Sailor Pluto Page

Sailor Pluto and Tsukikage No Knight Shrine

Puu-chan's anything goes Sailor Moon Page

AmonRa's Pluto Shrine


Sailor Pluto Rings

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Sailor Kitty.

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This is house #15 in the Plutosection
of Crystal Tokyo. It's owned bySailor Kitty.

Visit the neighbors: [left| 2 houses left| right| the whole block]
Move to scenicCrystal Tokyo.

This Outer Senshi Ring of Superiority site is owned by
Sailor Kitty .

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